Thank you for your interest in KIRAMEK products.

COMMITMENT. Since its inception in 2001, Kiramek's philosophy has centered on meeting the diverse needs of customers with innovative products that offer incredible value. One of our chief strategies in customer satisfaction involves careful analysis of all feedback we receive. Whether you send us a question, comment or order, our sales personnel will promptly and courteously respond to your needs.


PRODUCTS. Kiramek supplies a broad selection of innovative products and services to customers around the globe. We offer Japanese Car Wiring Data in Japanese or English, useful for car security and audio installations, especially by Japanese car importers outside Japan. Our product brands include CYCLONE™ motorcycle security, LUMINATOR® automotive lighting, VISION™ automotive security alarms, and SCIBORG® speed-lock and security systems. Products with our DIGI-LINK® logo are easily installable and communicate with the vehicle via CAN-BUS (in many cases connecting at the vehicle's OBD connector). Kiramek also offers a broad selection of installation parts, relays, and transmitters.

In addition, we have other products not listed on our website that we designed in Japan under OE contract that are available for sale outside Japan, including a low cost Fleet Management System ("FMS" for organizations) as well as a unique device for Harley Davidson CVO touring motorcycles which bypasses the ECU's digital lockdown of the audio system, allowing 3rd party 2DIN head units to be used with the factory amplifier and speakers. Please email us for details.

SERVICE. We are committed to ensuring that all Kiramek customers receive the absolute best support possible. Our founders have worked in the vehicle security aftermarket since 1994 and understand the importance of returning value to customers, distributors and retailers. Kiramek is especially proud to offer the most friendly and responsive service available to every customer, regardless of global location. Each member of Kiramek is personally committed to ensuring every valued customer has a comfortable and enjoyable buying experience. We are not content until customers are 100% satisfied after having made a purchase!    


GLOBAL SALES. Kiramek serves OEM buyers and retail customers worldwide. Domestically, Kiramek channels product to the Japanese consumer through direct online sales and through popular automotive retail chains such as AutoBacs and AutoWave stores, as well as through select car dealerships. If your firm would be interested in becoming an authorized distributor of Kiramek products, please contact us for more information and for details on product samples.    

COMPETITIVE PRICING. Low overhead, cost-effective manufacturing facilities and streamlined inventory procedures enable Kiramek to offer customers the items they desire, at reasonable prices, without excessive delays. Authorized Kiramek dealers are extended the lowest possible wholesale prices on bulk orders.

Prices posted on our website are MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) and exclude Japanese domestic Consumption Tax of 10%. We do not charge sales tax on orders exported outside Japan. Furthermore, we offer substantial discounts to customers outside Japan. For a no-obligation cost quote, please email us the items you would be interested in ordering.

"Open Price" means that we do not dictate a fixed retail price. This is common practice in Japan, as it can potentially save buyers money if they shop around. If you are buying from outside Japan, this is meaningless to you unless you purchase from one of our dealers in Japan. Please simply email us for a no-obligation price quote.     


AVAILABILITY. Most products listed on our websites are in-stock and typically ship within 24 hours of receiving your order and payment information, unless your order is received AFTER 3PM (Japan time). Orders processed on Friday evenings will be usually ship the following Monday, except in cases of national holidays.    

SHOPPING. We do not have a web store because the majority of our sales are to dealers and distributors, and many of our products require professional installation. However, we do offer direct sales of our products to individual customers overseas. If you lack experience in automotive electronics or security installations, we can still sell direct to you in the event you have access to a professional installer. Some products like our LUMINATOR LEDs, install parts, or DIGI-LINK® products are usually easy enough for anyone to install so no special skills or professional installation is required.

If you would like to purchase a product requiring professional installation but are not a professional installer yourself, please first speak with a local installer and provide them with our product manuals (PDF versions are posted on our product pages). If your installer agrees to install our system for you and if your vehicle is compatible, then we would be happy to sell to you.

Orders can be submitted to us by email or fax.     


PAYMENT. If you contact us by email with a tentative order, we will promptly get back to you with a discounted price quote. If you accept our quote and wish to proceed with your order, the method of payment will depend on the order amount. Kiramek typically asks for payment by electronic bank wire for orders of „90,000 (about US$900) or more, but we accept Paypal for all amounts smaller than this. Here is a CURRENCY CONVERTER to help you convert the Japanese YEN amounts mentioned on this page.


Paying by Paypal
We will send you a Paypal invoice after you accept our price quote by email. Invoices will be in Japanese Yen. Paypal will allow you to use your credit card or bank account for payment, and you can use Paypal's convenient currency conversion to Japanese Yen. To help us to create a Paypal invoice for you, please email us the following:

  • A contact TELEPHONE NUMBER (for shipping documents)

To thwart Paypal payment fraud, we withdraw your payment from our Paypal account to our bank account before we ship to you. This results in typically a 1-4 business day delay before we ship (the time it takes for Paypal to move funds to our bank). We apologize for any inconvenience this shipping delay may cause.

Because we heavily discount all orders shipped outside Japan, we require the buyer to pay Paypal transaction fees. As of Spring 2018, Paypal Japan charges a fee of 4.1% of the entire order amount (including shipping), plus a fixed fee of „40, plus a separate „250 fee for us to withdraw funds to our bank on order amounts less than „50000. So for example if your order total (including shipping) comes to „50000 or more, Paypal fees would only be 4.1% of the invoice total + „40 (not the „250 fee). Here is another example. Let's say your order sub-total including shipping comes to „35000. In that case, the Paypal fees would be [(„35000 + „250) x 0.041] + „40 + „250 = „1735. That „1735 would be added to your order total and shipping cost to yield a grand total of „36735. (Please also note that when you convert your local currency into Japanese YEN at the time you pay our Paypal invoice, Paypal makes money from the currency conversion).

We do NOT charge any sales tax on orders shipped outside Japan, but if your order amount is large, your country's Customs officials could impose an import tax or tariff at their discretion, so please investigate that prior to ordering with us. We cannot be held liable for taxes your country imposes on items you purchase from us.

PAYPAL REFUNDS can be easily issued BEFORE we withdraw funds to our bank, but please note that as of May 7, 2019 Paypal retains the 4.1% fee & fixed „40 fee. And as of July 1, 2019, Paypal will use the currency exchange rate used on the day of the original transaction ONLY if the refund is issued within 24 hours; but after 24 hours, the exchange rate used at the time of the refund applies, which means you may not receive the same amount as your original payment, according to Paypal. We consider this an unfortunate and obnoxious burden on our customers who require refunds, but such is Paypal policy, not ours. As a result, when we issue a Paypal refund, Paypal will return to you all the money you paid to us minus the „40 fixed fee and minus 4.1% of the transaction, and after July 2019, there could be exchange rate differences that affect your refund total as well. Your kind understanding of this prior to purchase is greatly appreciated.

Orders normally ship by Japan Post EMS. EMS is almost as fast as FedEx/DHL/UPS to some countries but only 1/2 to 1/3 the cost. EMS is so much more economical is because it operates through national postal systems, rather than a private shipping company. Another reason for the lower cost is because there is no pick-up at our warehouse for EMS shipments (unlike FedEx, DHL, UPS). When we ship to you by EMS, our staff must make a trip to the post office.

We have no Minimum Order, but please remember that you will be responsible for the Paypal transaction fees mentioned above.

Paying by Bank Wire
We have 2 different bank accounts shown below. We normally ask that the amount be „90000 (about US$900) or more, but in cases where the amount is smaller and the buyer simply cannot use Paypal for payment, we ask that the buyer pay our bank wire fee of „4200, which is in addition to the customer's own bank fees. If you wish to avoid paying our bank fee on orders less than „90000, please use Paypal instead, but keep in mind you will be resposible for the Paypal fees mentioned above.

For remitting only US Dollar funds to us:

  • Bank:  Bank of Nagoya
  • Branch:  Taketoyo, #277
  • Account Holder:  Kabushiki Gaisha KIRAMEK
  • Account No.:  00651-362
  • Bank Address:
    2-10 Sunagawa, Taketoyo-cho
    Chita-gun, Aichi-ken 470-2317
  • Bank Telephone:  +81-569-73-7511

For remitting only Japanese YEN funds to us:

  • Bank:  Bank of Nagoya
  • Branch:  Taketoyo, #277
  • Account Holder:  Kabushiki Gaisha KIRAMEK
  • Account No.:  3166413
  • Bank Address:
    2-10 Sunagawa, Taketoyo-cho
    Chita-gun, Aichi-ken 470-2317
  • Bank Telephone:  +81-569-73-7511

Note: Depending upon the efficiency of the remitting bank, international wires can take from one to three business days for funds to appear in our account. Customers will be notified by Kiramek within 1 business day of our having received the funds. Please email us if wiring funds in Japanese Yen, since we have a different bank account for receiving Yen.    


SHIPPING. Kiramek ships individual and bulk dealer orders to destinations around the globe. Bulk dealer orders are processed under FOB or C&F terms. Individual orders typically ship via Japan Post EMS (called "Priority Mail Express International" by USPS in the USA). But for heavy orders, you also have the choice of International Parcel Post Surface (Ocean). EMS is fast (typically takes 3-4 days to arrive at US/Canada destinations), fully insured, and offers online package tracking. Surface is a lower cost alternative to EMS; but Surface can take anywhere from 1 to 2 months to arrive at most international destinations, and there is no option for insurance or online package tracking. If you select EMS, a package tracking number and tracking web page URL will be emailed to you the same day your order ships.

Small consumer orders ship direct from our warehouse in Japan. Bulk orders of 500pcs or more typically are drop-shipped from Kiramek's factories in Taiwan and China.

For a no-obligation shipping cost quotation, please email us the product brand, model number and quantity you are considering to order.

Evaluating Price vs. Speed: The United States Postal Service discontinued their International Surface shipping service ("Economy Parcel Post") in May 2007, but Japan Post still recognizes the need for low-cost ocean shipping, especially for large and heavy items. Nevertheless, we still highly recommend EMS for most orders, due to the triple benefit of speed, insurance and online tracking.    


TERMS OF SALE AND NOTICE OF LIABILITY. All sales are final. All taxes and/or import tariffs that may be imposed upon the recipient shall be the sole responsibility of the buyer. (Please check with your local chamber of commerce or import/export laws to see if such fees apply to you.)

If the buyer selects a shipping method that is not traceable or insured at the time of order placement, the buyer then assumes all risk and all financial loss in the event the product is lost or damaged or delayed in arrival by the shipping agent chosen by the buyer.

Kiramek shall not be held liable for acceptance of international returns and/or payment of shipping fees and taxes associated with international product returns. In the event Kiramek, at its own discretion, agrees to accept the return of a product, restocking fees may apply; nevertheless, Kiramek shall not be held legally responsible to accept returns of any kind.

Although Kiramek takes extreme care to confirm 100% proper operation of each and every product shipped, and while Kiramek closely examines individual products to ensure they are cosmetically acceptable to customers, and while Kiramek sells only new (never-used) merchandise, the buyer agrees to accept product AS IS; and Kiramek shall not be held liable to accept returns resulting from defects as reported by the buyer/recipient of the said product.

The above Terms notwithstanding, if a product is clearly proven to be a "factory defect," Kiramek usually accepts the product-return and promptly ships a replacement. We simply reserve the legal right to accept or reject returns on a case-by-case basis. We also know that in most cases where a problem is found, the product almost always is damaged due to an installation mistake or doesn't work properly due to an incompatibility that should have been found and discussed prior to purchase. We of course cannot provide free replacements in such cases. Restocking fees may also apply. This is why we prefer to sell to customers through certified dealers or sell to customers who are highly trained and experienced in vehicle electronics.    

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