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Arms & Disarms with your Factory Remote!  Easy CAN-BUS Installation.

540HB Security System

DIGI∞LINK Smart Security, Battery Backup Siren


Price: ¥60,000 + tax
Installation Not Included
Barcode: 4571114022784

DIGI∞LINK Smart Security, Normal Siren


Price: ¥53,000 + tax
Installation Not Included
Barcode: 4571114022777

540H models "B" & "S" are exactly the same except for the Siren.
Click the retail Prices above for currency conversion, but note we offer large discounts for customers outside Japan.

Factory alarms don't prevent car vandalism and theft like SCIBORG security systems.

Shock Detect

 Body Shock

2-stage shock detection. Light shock triggers Warning chirps. Hard shock triggers 30s siren.

Door Opening

 Door Open

If any door or the trunk is opened while Armed, the siren blasts for 30s.


 Ignition ON

If a thief turns ON the Ignition while Armed, the siren blasts for 30s.


  1. SCIBORG 540H products connect to your car by way of digital CAN-BUS.   NEVER purchase a 540H product online without verifying if the firmware for your specific car is installed! Installation is not possible for every car. ALWAYS consult our Compatibility PDFs before you buy. If you find that your car is incompatible with the 540H, it's likely our 640H (analog-installation model) will be compatible. The advantage of the 540H over the 640H is faster and easier installation.

  2. When viewing our Compatibility PDFs, you will see Toyota and Lexus divided into two vehicle compatibility List choices. If you want our patented "2 Unlocks to Disarm" Relay Attack Prevention feature (Toyota 2 or Lexus 2 only), note that Speed-Lock & Door Lock Control functions are not available. You can still get Relay Attack Protection with Toyota 1 or Lexus 1 while also retaining Speed-Lock and Door Lock Control features, but you will need to purchase an optional 2-way pager or 1-way remote. If you want to choose Toyota 2 or Lexus 2 and also want Speed-Locking, you will need to separately purchase one of our Speed-Lock products. Also note that our 640H security system (analog wiring version of the 540H) offers our patented "2 Unlocks to Disarm" Relay Attack Prevention feature on all compatible cars.

  3. Our CAN-BUS products like the 540H were engineered to work well with conflicting with any 3rd party CAN-BUS add-on products, but the reverse is not always true. Some badly designed CAN-BUS products continually blast the car's ECU with data such that our 540H cannot communicate effectively.  If you have no other OBD devices, the 540H will work fine in your car (if your car is compatible with the 540H).  You can add any combination of our products without worry — for example, a 540H and one of our Speed-lock products. But we cannot guarantee our 540H will work perfectly if you combine it with another company's products.

  4. Because vehicle firmware programmed into the 540H is specific to your car, you cannot buy a new car in the future and move the 540H to that car and expect it to work.  It may be possible we can upgrade the firmware at that future time for you, but only if your future new car is listed on our Compatibility PDFs.

  5. If your car is listed on our Compatibility PDFs but it was made outside Japan, there is the possibility the CAN data could be different.  Please consult with us so we can investigate.  If your car was made in Japan though, there should not be any compatibility problems, assuming the importer to your country did not modify the ECU in any way.

  6. 540HB includes a siren with internal backup battery that lasts about 3 years.  Even after the battery dies, the siren will continue to operate.  That battery is glued inside and is not replaceable.  Backup sirens also come with 2 keys to allow you to kill the siren sound easily.  We cannot issue replacement keys, so please keep 1 key in a safe location.

  7. The 540H may flash vehicle Hazard or Parking lamps, depending on the vehicle.  Light flash is not possible on some cars by using CAN-BUS signals.  Consult our Compatibility PDFs for details about your car.  To enable vehicle light flash on cars incompatible with light flash via CAN-BUS, please purchase our KCM-1 interface.  The KCM-1 flashes 5 times on Warning triggers and flashes continually during the 30 second siren blast, but does not flash when you Arm or Disarm.

  8. If you open a door while the Ignition is ON, the 540H's LED will flash until the door is closed.  This is normal and cannot be disabled.

  9. REMOTE STARTERS. In 2014, we become aware that some factory Remote Starters and 3rd party Remote Starters use a dedicated "Door Open" signal output wire to trick the vehicle into thinking a door has been opened after the Remote Starter shuts off the engine. This "door open" signal wire is needed to trigger the Headlights to shut off, on cars that have an Auto Light feature. The problem is that the Door Open signal will trigger the 540H. The SOLUTION is to turn OFF Auto Light (usually at your light switch) and disconnect the remote starter's "Door Open" signal wire. In cases where that does not work (for example, if your Remote Starter connects via CAN-BUS), you would need to Disarm before the engine shuts down (which may not be possible on some cars), or disable the remote starter altogether, or simply not install our 540H. Please note that we do not sell remote start systems.

  10. We can update your 540H firmware as required in the future for a nominal fee.  Please email us for details.

  11. Some cars experience large voltage drops less than 5V during cranking. Please purchase our UPS-47 for those vehicles.

  12. Please only use Posi-Tap connectors when making CAN connections for best results. Do not solder or use electrotaps.

  13.   Have a Dash Cam?  Purchase the KDR-1 (¥10,000+tax) along with a 540H system.  While not required, we also recommend the MMF-2 radar sensor and SB-33 sensor splitter with Dash Cam setups because the MMF-2 will temporarily activate Dash Cam recording when people come too closely to your car, even if they never touch your car.