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Stop car theft & Enforce parking — EASY, EFFECTIVE

 Vehicle Anti-Theft

 Non-payment Violations

 Parking Enforcement

 Easy to Use

Automotive Tire Lock

Price: ¥14,800
BARCODE: 4571114022005

Dimpled Keys

  • Engineered to be difficult to defeat by picking, drilling, or prying-open. Dimple style key design is very difficult to copy. (2 keys included.)

Compatible Tires

Tire Size Info
  • Even if tire size matches the above, actual size varies by brand & tire pressure. Ex: 235/55R18 on a 910kg front-loaded car will have a Width of 255mm.

Size Specifications

Product Dimensions
  • Coated Portion: A=60mm, B=130mm

  • Closed Dimensions: 270mm×430mm

  • Weight: 3.0kg 

Vehicle Lock

The perfect choice for vehicle protection without the installation hassle and expense of car alarms. Our patented wheel lock fits most any rim in seconds — ideal for parking enforcement. Once locked, the vehicle cannot be driven away because the wheel cannot rotate.


Simply expand the 2 arms and clamp the lock around the tire (front or back) with the keylock face-up. When the clamp is tight around the tire, just lock it with the key.


• Vehicle Theft Prevention
• Parking Enforcement
• Non-payment Violations


Our tire locks are durable, weatherproof and do not require any special maintenance. Wipe down with a moist cloth when needed. Oil can be used if arms become stiff over time.

Usage Tips

• Fit the arm tips into any open location on the wheel's rim.
• Make sure the tire lock is not loose when you lock with the key.


  • Some large vehicles have tires too thick for our tire lock. Confirm you vehicle with the chart above.

  • Vehicles with fine mesh aluminum rims may not have an opening large enough to let the hook part of our tire lock to fit into. In such a case, our tire lock would not be compatible with your vehicle.

  • A minimum 35x35mm rim opening is required for our tire lock to fit your vehicle.

  • To ensure the driver can see the tire lock, we strongly recommend placement of the tire lock on the front driver's side wheel.

  • Damage to the vehicle can occur if the vehicle moves with the tire lock attached. Take note!

  • We cannot offer replacement keys, so be sure to safeguard the two included keys!

  • In parking enforcement applications, please put a note on the driver's window to alert them to the tire lock.