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Example Wiring Diagram

As of Jan. 2024, there are no online-accessible vehicle wiring services available (to our knowledge) for car security installers who seek wiring information on Japanese vehicles that are both made in Japan and sold in Japan. Most online services offer wiring data on only Japanese vehicles sold outside Japan. The problem is that some Japanese cars sold only in Japan are later exported as used vehicles to other countries, and importers of those vehicles are often asked to install add-ons like vehicle security systems, remote starters and automatic door lock control devices. The lack of vehicle wiring information can make such installations difficult, error prone, or even impossible.

For over a decade, KIRAMEK has made its Japanese-language, Car Security related, vehicle wiring database available online exclusively to certified Japanese installers of our VISION & SCIBORG car security products. In 2018, we were approached by a vehicle importer outside Japan who asked us to consider translating our wiring data into English, on a record-by-record basis, and make such data available for a reasonable price. That dialog led to our establishment of on-demand pricing for individual records and covering the necessary English translation, data review and PDF preparation. (Please note, however, that our data is NOT the entire schematic but rather a limited amount of information taken from the original schematics for the purpose of installing car security systems. To understand what this means, see our Example Data.)

IMPORTANT!  KIRAMEK is a car security company and our wiring data is for car security installs ONLY. We do not sell wiring data unrelated to car security installs. We have no audio, navigation, parking brake, or ECU related wiring info because that data is not used in car alarm installs.  Please also note that we don't sell Remote Start products because they are not popular in Japan, and therefore we don't have any wiring info for Remote Start installations.

WIRING DATA FOR FREE. If you purchase any of our 12V vehicle security systems (not 24V), we provide car security installation data to you FREE OF CHARGE (assuming your car is in our database).  The wiring data we SELL is for people installing security systems from companies other than ours. But even then, please note we only have wiring data on select Japanese cars.

TO ORDER an English-translated, password-protected PDF of individual vehicle wiring records (for car security installs), please see "DATA PRICING" and "HOW TO REQUEST DATA."


As of Feb. 2021, our Japanese vehicle wiring database contains 818 vehicles comprised of the following Japanese manufacturers:

  • Toyota: 352 records

  • Lexus: 8 records

  • Nissan: 102 records

  • Mazda: 41 records

  • Honda: 115 records

  • Daihatsu: 59 records

  • Subaru: 44 records

  • Mitsubishi: 42 records

  • Suzuki: 55 records


There are more Toyota records in our database due to the prevalence of Toyota vehicles in Japan. Toyota's 2017 market share in Japan was almost 31% (based on new vehicle registrations), and adding their subsidiary Daihatsu brings their combined market share to over 42% in Japan. We occasionally add new Japanese vehicle records to our database. Please note that our database does not include non-Japanese cars like Ford, BMW, Mercedes, VW, etc., nor do we have any plans to add them. Our data is exclusively centered on the Japanese vehicles shown above. Please also note that we DO NOT provide entire schematics.


Our pricing is US$30 per data request. We accept payment by Paypal. You will be sent a Paypal invoice which will act as your receipt. Our pricing includes Paypal Japan's transaction fees.


We apologize, but even though some countries like Pakistan do not have access to Paypal, we do not accept other forms of payment for vehicle data purchases. 

We reserve the right to change our pricing at any time, or halt the service altogether.


Please email us the following 4 pieces of information to obtain a no-obligation cost quote:

  1. Maker Name (e.g., Nissan)

  2. Model Name (e.g., Bluebird)

  3. Year

  4. Model # / Chassis # / Type # / Frame # (e.g., DBA-G11) This number is "型式" in Japanese. It's not the VIN number. It's usually found etched or printed on a metal plate in the engine compartment on the firewall.

IMPORTANT! We will assume you want car security installation data like this EXAMPLE DATA. We do not provide complete schematics, nor do we provide information outside car security related applications.

 Our data covers RIGHT side drive, MADE IN JAPAN vehicles

If the steering wheel on your car is on the LEFT, you may find differences between the actual car and portions of our data. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of our data if you intend to use it on LEFT-hand drive vehicles, or vehicles manufactured outside Japan. Some, much or even all of our data may or may not be applicable. Please understand this prior to ordering because we do not offer refunds in most cases once we have sent a wiring record to you.

 We DO NOT provide complete vehicle schematics

We are very sorry, but we only provide a limited amount of car security specific info taken from the original schematics. Note that full vehicle schematics span hundreds of pages on paper or take up an entire CD-ROM. If you require a complete schematic, note that Yahoo Auctions Japan often sells them, and services like Buyee will act as a middle man to ensure you can get the items shipped to you outside Japan. Keep in mind those schematic books and CDs are written entirely in the Japanese language. Even so, you can often use the Google Translate app on your smartphone and tap Camera to get decent translation you can understand. We do not purchase schematic books or CDs on behalf of our customers, so you would need to do that on your own, without intervention from us.

If the car security related data you need isn't completely covered in our database, we will need to know exactly what you need in order to extract that from the original vehicle schematic.

 We DO NOT guess about your data needs

We're sorry, but we don't diagnose vehicle problems or guess what you might need. Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.


If you can read Japanese, we can provide you with monthly pricing for unlimited online access to our original Japanese database. We are highly selective about providing access, so please email us information about your business, your location, your intended use, and your expected number of accesses per month so we can decide if cooperation is possible.



KIRAMEK reserves the right to refuse sales of its vehicle wiring data to its competitors or entities who have direct dealings with its competitors. KIRAMEK also reserves the right to refuse sales of its data to companies who compile and/or provide vehicle wiring data to the public, or to entities who provide data to such companies. KIRAMEK vehicle wiring data is intended for private installers or vehicle importers for their own personal use, primarily as an aid to assist in their car security related installations. Installers and vehicle importers outside Japan are allowed to use our vehicle wiring data to install security systems or door lock products from our competitors.

Vehicle wiring data is an electronic, software-only product, typically comprised of a single password-protected PDF file containing wiring data on each individual vehicle record ordered by the buyer, accessed from KIRAMEK's vehicle wiring database. When you purchase wiring data from KIRAMEK, no physical product will be shipped or mailed to you. PDF(s) and password(s) shall be sent by KIRAMEK to the buyer by email, either by email file attachment or by a text download URL after the buyer's payment has been received and after translation from Japanese to English has concluded. Translation work typically begins once payment has been received by KIRAMEK. Buyer must agree that translation and PDF creation could take a few days after payment has been received. If there is a reason it would take longer than a few days, KIRAMEK will consult with the buyer about the reason and best possible resolution.

No guarantees or warranties are made regarding the accuracy of the data records sold to the buyer, although KIRAMEK has to the best of its knowledge compiled the data as accurately as possible. Payment of Paypal invoices sent to the buyer constitutes the buyer's complete agreement to accept the data as-is and confirms the buyer's agreement and cooperation in not filing a PayPal dispute due to the data being unsatisfactory to the buyer. All sales are final.

KIRAMEK shall not be held liable for short circuits, fires, burn marks, or damage to vehicles, persons or property stemming from the use of KIRAMEK vehicle wiring data. The buyer and/or installer has the responsibility to own the proper tools and to have the skills necessary to verify an electrical connection is safe before physically making the connection.

A purchase of KIRAMEK wiring data does not obligate KIRAMEK to offer detailed installation advice to the buyer or installer.

Buyer agrees to calmly and patiently work with KIRAMEK, allowing adequate time for problem resolution in the event the buyer's emails from KIRAMEK containing PDF products were not received in whole or in part, or if the PDF is damaged or not able to be opened or password-unlocked for any reason. (KIRAMEK is closed on the weekends and on all national holidays in Japan. Upcoming holidays are usually posted a week in advance on our Contact page.) In the event KIRAMEK decides to issue a PayPal refund, the buyer understands and agrees to pay the ¥40 fixed transaction fee retained by PayPal and therefore the said ¥40 fixed fee will be subtracted from the amount refunded. For example, if you paid ¥1325 to KIRAMEK, your refunded amount would be ¥1325 - ¥40 = ¥1285  KIRAMEK issues refunds rarely, at its sole discretion. KIRAMEK reserves the right to refuse a refund if KIRAMEK feels that the buyer is fraudulently claiming a problem with the PDF product merely to get their payment returned. Refunds are not given at all more than 30 days after purchase under any circumstances.

All PDFs provided to the buyer can be used commercially or privately but for the buyer's use only and cannot be redistributed in any form or sold without express written consent from KIRAMEK. Buyer agrees not to attempt removal of the password protection from the original PDF files sent by KIRAMEK to the buyer. Buyer is allowed to make backup copies of the PDF files so long as such backups are retained by the buyer and not redistributed or sold.

No money-back guarantees are made by KIRAMEK on database access or schematic access transactions, and payment by the buyer constitutes the buyer's complete understanding and agreement to these terms. If you do not or cannot agree to these terms, please do not submit vehicle data request orders to us or otherwise inquire further about our data.


Data Example

Below is freely downloadable vehicle data record that has been translated into English and serves as an example of the data we provide for a fee. Please note that only some of our data records have detailed graphics/schematics like this example, and many records contain text-only information.

Downloadable PDFNissan Bluebird Sylphy G11, May 2007~

PLEASE NOTE! CAN BUS info is provided because this particular vehicle has CAN signals compatible with vehicle security products. We provide no support for this free PDF, nor do we offer 100% guarantees on data accuracy, although have done our best to confirm the data both from the original vehicle schematic (which isn't guaranteed to be 100% error free) and an actual vehicle too. You may use this data as you wish, but by downloading it you agree that it will not be redistributed or sold or reposted on another website or repurposed into your own database or information resource. PDF serves only as an example of how vehicle wiring data you purchase from KIRAMEK will look, and demonstrates how our PDFs are opened by password. If you have problems viewing or unlocking this example PDF, you would have the same problems when purchasing data from us, so please do not order data from us if you cannot satisfactorily open/view/print this example PDF.