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Racing Enhancer for Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ

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Engineered for use on Toyota 86 and & Subaru BRZ cars, the VSC86 is an E-mark certified OBD device that enhances performance on the race track by disabling TRC, VSC and ABS. (ABS disable is only partial, continuing to function if the rear wheels lock.)


Easy to Use! With warmed-up engine on, just insert the VSC86 to the car's OBD plug.
2. Works After Stalls! If the warmed-up engine stalls, quickly restart the engine and
the VSC86 will continue to disable VSC, TRC and ABS.
3. Compact Size! Easy to store away when not used.
NOTE: Always remember to remove the VSC86 after racing.

ABS: Anti-lock Braking System enhances driving safety during
sudden braking, especially on slippery surfaces. Prevents wheels from locking.
TRC: Prevents the tires from "peeling out" (rotating while car is fixed in place).
VSC: Alters braking and engine output when slipping during a turn.




• This product is for race track use only. Never use on public roads. Always remember to remove it after use.

• Our firm assumes no liability for car accidents, with or without our products installed.

• Although the VSC86 will not interfere with 3rd party OBD devices, 3rd party devices may interfere with the VSC86. To ensure flawless performance, connect only the VSC86 to your OBD plug, disconnecting all other OBD devices.

• Seconds after attaching the VSC86 to the car's OBD plug, the VSC86 sends a quick signal to the car's computer, instructing it to switch to a special maintenance mode that disables TRC, VSC and (partially) ABS. (The VSC86 does not send constant communication to the vehicle.)

• Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ cars must have the engine warmed up before the VSC86 can switch the ECU into maintenance mode (to disabled TRC, VSC and (partially) ABS. Furthermore, in the event of an engine stall (when warmed-up), starting the engine again with the VSC86 attached will cause the VSC86 to send a signal to the ECU again to maintain the maintenance mode (continue to disable VSC, TRC & ABS).

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