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Designed on Freeway
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Designed on Freeway
Designed on Freeway

Freeway 3.5 now runs natively in OS X, making this already great web design application even more thrilling to use. Compare Freeway along side Dreamweaver and GoLive. Also see these reports.

Very useful Freeway Action plug-ins available for download at

I promote Freeway because I have found it to be the absolute best software tool available for the web designer. I receive no compensation from SoftPress or anyone else for doing this.

James D. Wages - Website Author

Nov. 2002 Tip: Thwart Hotlinking


First off, let's define what hotlinking is. If you create a link within your web site in order to directly display another website's content (such as graphics, sounds, etc.), that's hotlinking. Note that hotlinking is not the simple placing of a URL link on your webpages. Rather, hotlinking adds content to your pages at the expense of someone else's web server bandwidth. One negative consequence of hotlinking is that the source file often disappears or is modified from the original format. This may result in a broken link on your site or could produce an odd-looking graphic on your page.

Hotlinking is acceptable if you have the permission of the host server who provides the content you wish to use. But without such authorization, hotlinking is highly unethical, if not illegal. If you are a web content creator or a web site owner, you need to know what preventative steps to take in thwarting others from hotlinking off your site without permission.

While there are various active techniques to prevent hotlinking on the server level, a properly written legal page is a good place to start. Adding a legal statement on your web site tells your visitors what restrictions you've placed on your web content. Something like the following line may be useful, where "the Company" stands for your organization:

Direct URLs to content in this site shall not be embedded and linked from within outside web sites (i.e., "Hotlinked") without prior written permission of the Company.

Unfortunately, some of your web visitors could care less about the rules you've established for your web site.

Put an end to unauthorized hotlinking with the .htaccess file. If your site is hosted on an Apache web server, and if your web space provider allows modifications to be made to the ".htaccess" file, you can add some very simple code that will protect your site content from off-site hotlinking. An excellent report on the subject can be found on this web page:


Here is another web page offering more details in layman's terms, written by a web space provider:


CGI scripts can prevent hotlinking. However, CGI scripts are marginally more difficult to set up than .htaccess. One example of an image protection CGI script can be found from this web page:


Not taking steps now to protect the content of your web site could result in higher fees from your host provider, caused by the increased bandwidth usage of hotlinkers.

This personal homepage and my other sites, including kiramek.com, are hosted only on the best:

MacConnect Web Hosting

The service, support and prices at Mac Connect are absolutely outstanding; and
I say this without receiving any type of compensation from MacConnect. Have a look at their host hardware and backup systems.

If you have a website that you seriously want to promote, I recommend SelfPromotion.com:


SelfPromotion.com has been an extremely useful tool in promoting my websites. Extensive instruction is given on how to prepare HTML pages for Search Engines and directories like Yahoo! Also offered is a smart URL submission robot that can automate registration of your site(s) to some engines. Most services are FREE. But if you like SelfPromotion and want to unlock some additional tools, you can pay an amount of your own choosing.

News and Information Resources


The Death of Privacy

Could Hollywood or the American Recording Industry be empowered to LEGALLY hack into your PC and impair software on it? A draft bill before the US Congress was written to allow just that. Additional information is available in another excellent article on the subject, as well as in a recent report on overzealous copyright enforcers seeking US government approval to more freely sabatoge online networks. If you are a US citizen, you can help support the fair-use rights of every American by submitting your name and address to Digitalconsumer.org who will fax a letter on your behalf to your local Congressional representative, free of charge.


Computer Woes & Jail Time

A recent study estimates that software glitches cost nearly US$60 billion annually in the USA alone. But frustrations resulting from computer bugs can also cost jail time for some.


Klez Virus: Hard to Kill

Macintoshes are mostly immune to Klez, but Wintel PC's running Outlook and Explorer are open targets. Click the link at left to read more about Klez and how you can protect yourself.

TRUSTY not so trusty?

TRUSTY badges offer only an illusion of privacy?



Do web page ads & popups drive annoy you? Creating or updating the "Hosts" file on your computer can block many of these ads and accelerate web browsing. MacOS 9 users, simply download this Hosts file (418k), then put the file

in your "System Folder" > "Preferences" folder and RESTART. (You can also set your TCP/IP control panel to read the file by clicking the "Select Hosts file..." button.) If you later find that some web graphics are being blocked that you really want to see, simply note the URL of the graphic and delete that URL line out of the hosts file. OS X users, CLICK HERE.

Site Search Service

Free search engine service for your personal or corporate websites, from the good people at ATOMZ. Now searches Chinese and Japanese sites! (Have a look at my bilingual implementations at Kiramek.)

"Turboing" for Support

Tired of customer support brush-offs? Learn how to get knowledgeable & helpful support, painlessly.


Paypal Warning

Simple advice: AVOID the paypal service.


Spammers & Litigation

Take a bite out of those illegal spammers! Learn how to fight spammers yourself, or opt for free online spam fighting services from SpamCop and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Another story reports on how Spam Crusaders are slogging it out in the courts.


Trying conversing with the ALICE chatbot at the bottom of the page (click link at left). Very clever!

Obsolete Computers

An online museum of old computers.

Making of the Macintosh

Historical information on the Macintosh.

The Japanese Language

A well-designed and very informative site!

CopyKat Recipes

Lists recipes for restaurant foods!

Web Browser Archive

Lists virtually every browser ever made.


Power tools for any web site - some free, some not.

Free Stuff Center

Free graphics & animations for web sites.

Japanese <-> English

The best E<->J dictionary on the web.

Your Japanese Guests

Wonderful insight into Japanese thinking.


Block annoying web ads and graphics on MacOS9.


The best Mac news, updated daily.


An everyday must-visit Mac software site.

MacOS Rumors

Interesting forecasts on future Apple products.


Find the best Mac product prices on the net!

Things created on a Mac

...in a non-Mac world. (Interesting!)

NOTE: I check the above links often, but please let me know if you find any that are broken.


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