Vehicle Compatibility

Normal List
(All OS firmware versions)


Relay Attack List
(OS firmware T39 and newer)


The blue "Relay Attack List" on the right is our newest vehicle compatibility list which uses control module OS firmware T39 or newer in combination with a single vehicle firmware (TOYOTA_RAB2_V6_0) covering all Toyota cars shown in that list. It allows the user to enable our patent-pending "2 Unlocks to Disarm" Relay Attack prevention method on all cars in that list. The only down side is that Auto Speed-Lock functionality and Door Lock Control functionality (when you add an optional remote) are no longer available.

540H customers who still want Speed Lock functionality and/or Door Lock Control can choose the red "Normal List" at left above. But note that the only way to enable our "2 Unlocks to Disarm" Relay Attack prevention method is to have T39 OS firmware or newer and "TOYOTA_RAB2_V6_0" vehicle firmware, in which case Speed-Lock and Door Lock Control are no longer available.

If you want our Relay Attack prevention and Auto Speed-Lock too, you will need to purchase the 540H along with one of our SCIBORG SL-series Speed Lock products; and if the 540H connection to your car is OBD, you will also need an OB-23W 3-way splitter.