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Upgrade your 540H or 640H security system with a Paging Remote!

ARM/DISARM METHOD, TR535S Feature additions to the 540/640

SCIBORG Pager Remote Icon Descriptions

Change modes with one touch! Easy to use Answer-back Remote!


The Pager button you last used to Arm or Disarm determines the Arming mode when you subsequently Lock by Factory Keyless or by AutoArm/AutoRearm. For example, if you last Disarmed with Button-II (Silent Mode), then each time you Arm by Factory Keyless or by AutoArm/AutoRearm, the system will be in Silent mode; and the system will remain in Silent Mode even when you Arm, Disarm and Arm by Factory Keyless multiple times. (Note that you can enable Confirmation Chirps via Program Switch while in Silent Mode.)

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Optional Pager for 540H / 640H