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"The motorcycle security system was absolutely flawless. I must admit I have set it off a few times myself and scared the hell out of everyone around me!!! What was really interesting was the fact that at our resort in Hilton Head Island, they would not let me take the bike in the resort area. At night I had to keep it in my trailer on the outside area of the resort, but I did not even worry one second knowing this system was activated. Let me say in closing that I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone, and feel free to contact me if any of your potential customers want some feedback."

James Hill
Barrie, Ontario CANADA

"The alarm is loud as promised. My neighbor's cat can also vouch for me on this, as I think it used up one of its lives when it jumped into the cargo compartment and set off the alarm.

I compared and contrasted all motorcycle alarms to the Cyclone, and in the end, the Cyclone had the best value for what it costs and had better features on it. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an alarm to include the Cyclone 866F in their research and compare its certifications, policies, life time warranty, back up battery, low power draw, dB level and compact size to the other motorcycle alarms available today.

Just remember to disconnect the Cyclone battery terminals when you re charge your battery. Cyclone 866F customers that own a VFR/CBR need to be informed of this Honda electrical issue"

James Bearden
STG2(SW), US Navy

Feature Highlights

866F Alarm Unit Specifications

Dimensions: 58 x 83 x 28 mm
• Power Source: 12vdc (8~15v)
• Avg. Current Consumption: 4mA (1mA Sleep)
• Built-in Relay: 12vdc @ 20A (Starter Kill)
Backup Battery: 4.8v, 200mAh NiMh
• Shock Sensor Adjustments: Warning/Full Trigger
• Tilt Sensor: Dual Axis, with 3.0 trigger
• Piezo Siren: 120dB (@1 ft.), 136dB (@speaker)
• Certifications: AS/NZS 4268, RSS-210, FCC, CE, C-Tick

Optional Accessories

Pro Install Kits
• RF Beeper/Pager
• Spare Transmitters (learn up to 3 total)

AMAZINGLY COMPACT YET VERSATILE. Kiramek engineered Cyclone to be the world's smallest "full-featured" motorcycle security system.Compact Size The driving force behind this compact design was the need to fit the alarm within the seat compartment of any motorcycle. With almost no space available for mounting, Harley Davidson bikes served as our greatest design challenge. The end result was a motorcycle alarm the size of a pack of cigarettes, with features that match or beat bulkier competing products. Kiramek is now pleased to offer this marvel of Japanese engineering to markets outside Japan.

HI-TECH TILT SENSING. At the heart of CYCLONE rests a sophisticated RISC microprocessor and A/D converter. The processor calculates bike inclination changes on two axis by reading the Flyeroutput of an advanced accelerometer chip. But unlike competing products that rely on fragile "ADXL" accelerometers, our engineers selected a new thermal-shift sensing accelerometer that has no moving parts. The 866F uses the only accelerometer that can withstand shocks of up to 50,000g -- making it resilient against jackhammer-like vibrations in motorcycles. CYCLONE security sets the standard for tilt sensor reliability, accuracy and durability. (More info found in our FAQ.)

866F Product Photo

World's Smallest, Full-Featured Motorcycle Alarm System

 Motorcycle Security



Installation Not Included

Owner's Manual FAQ


Onboard Starter
Immobilizer Relay

Onboard 2-axis
Digital TILT Sensor

Onboard 2-stage
SHOCK Sensor


Onboard Backup
Battery Protection  

Onboard 120dB
Piezo Siren  

Output for
Optional Pager


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