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Please see our VISION FAQ and our CYCLONE FAQ for additional Q&A not listed below.

Q1: Your prices are in Japanese Yen. How do I convert to US Dollars or another currency?

A: We recommend this Yahoo Currency Converter. Also be sure to read our policy on Competitive Pricing.    

Q2: How do I order? You don't have a web store or shopping cart.

A: Please see our SHOPPING information.    

Q3: Where can I buy in Japan? Will you install a product for me?

A: We do not perform installations. We sell through car dealerships, retail chain stores and audio/security shops that provide professional installation services to consumers in Japan. Please see our SCIBORG® Dealers.    

Q4: Where can I buy your CYCLONE motorcycle alarm?

A: As of March 2016, our overseas CYCLONE distributors appear to be out-of-stock. Please see our CYCLONE Dealers & Availability page for more information.    

Q5: We want to buy in bulk. Can you send me pricing?

A: We receive many such inquiries, but before discussing our discounted dealer pricing, we ask that you first acquire a product sample to evaluate. Samples are not free of charge, but in most cases we charge less than our posted retail prices. Then when you have tested a product sample and are satisfied with its operation and appearance, we would then be more than happy to discuss bulk pricing and shipping terms.    

Q6: Your bulk prices are higher than many Chinese manufacturers. Why can't you sell me a complete security system for under US$50?

A: We don't sell junk. KIRAMEK is not in the business of making novelty products or simple "noise-maker" alarms. KIRAMEK manufactures high-quality "security systems," designed especially for customers who are interested in the latest technology, aesthetics, durability and value.

When KIRAMEK manufactures a security device at our factory in Taiwan, our quality assurance staff from Japan are often present on the assembly line performing a 100% QC check to ensure our zero-defect policy is enforced. We also deliberately spend more money to purchase critical electronic components (e.g., ICs, batteries, etc.) from parts manufacturers not located in China. There are many electronic components (ICs, Capacitors, etc.) made in China which are very cheap to purchase, but the quality is often much lower than the same parts built outside China. In addition, we prefer to use the newest electronic components, many of which have become available on the market only within the last 5 years. This means that KIRAMEK can offer customers of the same high level of quality at its Taiwanese factory as it offers for products assembled in Japan. This is why our products cost more than some competing security systems, but that extra cost results in real "value" which sets apart KIRAMEK products from the competition.

Despite our higher costs at the factory resulting from our strict adherence to quality, KIRAMEK is still far from being most expensive aftermarket security manufacturer. What's surprising is that some vehicle security companies who are higher priced build their devices in China and use the cheapest quality Chinese-made electronic components! We have a higher quality standard and a commitment to excellence in manufacturing. Nevertheless, KIRAMEK is extremely competitive on bulk pricing. We are willing to work with you on price in conjunction with your estimated order volume. In some cases, we also extend additional discounts over time to encourage follow-up orders. At KIRAMEK, we are committed to ensuring all our valued buyers "get what they pay for."    

Q7: How is affiliated with

A: "VISION" and "SCIBORG" are KIRAMEK trademarked brands, and we own and operate both websites. KIRAMEK moved its Vision security product line into a separate web domain in order to strengthen the image of that security brand, in cooperation with the avertising requirements of our exclusive VISION distributor in Japan, the TMY Corporation.    

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