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Speed-Lock System for TOYOTA Cars, ANALOG INSTALL

 Auto Locks @20km/h (12mph)

 Protects child passengers

 Unlocks when gear moved to Park

 Auto Relock for Safety

 Thwarts stoplight Car-jacking

 No battery drain when Ignition off

 Auto Unlocks on Hard Braking

Compatible with LINE Navigation

 Compatible with 3rd party CAN devices

SL90TG product photo

Auto Speed-Lock System
For TOYOTA, Analog Install Model


Price: ¥32,000 + tax
BARCODE: 4571114024887

Click the retail Price above for currency conversion, but note we offer large discounts for customers outside Japan.

Auto LOCK @20km/h
UNLOCK on Gear to P
Passenger Safety, Anti-Theft
Emergency UNLOCK on Hard Brake

Keep Passengers SAFE

Protects children. Thwarts Carjacking.


Doors relock if unlocked while driving.

E-Mark Certified

Safe to install in your car.

Pro Install Recommended

★ Reads CAN signals without tapping car wires!
★ Car's OBD connector is not used.
★ Door Locking is done via analog wiring (not digital).

TOYOTA Compatible

Works on Toyota cars that have TSS, T-Connect/DCM or LINE Navigation.

TOYOTA Compatibility




C-HR  ★  [TG2]

ZYX10, NGX50

DEC. 2016  ➔

AQUA  ▼  [TG1]


DEC. 2011  ➔

VITZ  ▼  [TG1]


DEC. 2010  ➔  JAN. 2020

AURIS 120T  ★  [TG4]


AUG. 2012  ➔  MAR. 2018

Corolla AXIO     [TG4]


MAY 2012  ➔

Corolla FIELDER   ▼  [TG4]


MAY 2012  ➔  JUL. 2019

SIENTA   ▼  [TG1]


JUL. 2015  ➔  AUG. 2018

SEP. 2018  ➔

SPADE  ▼  [TG1]


JUL. 2012  ➔  DEC. 2020

PRIUS  ◉  [TG2]


DEC. 2015  ➔  NOV. 2018

DEC. 2018  ➔



FEB. 2017  ➔

PRIUS Alpha  ◉  [TG4]


MAY 2011  ➔

PORTE  ▼   [TG1]


JUL. 2012  ➔  DEC. 2020



NOV. 2010  ➔  AUG. 2016

TSS: Toyota Safety Sense

Including Hybrid models.

 If the Power Switch is turned off before pressing the P-button, doors will not unlock.

[TG2] is a General Purpose wire harness that is included at no extra cost.

  [TG1] is a required wire harness that is a ¥1000 additional purchase.

  [TG4] is a required wire harness that is a ¥2000 additional purchase.

Revised: February 25, 2021


  • If you don't need LINE navigation compatibility, don't care about tapping into vehicle CAN wires, don't need complete compatibility with any 3rd party OBD add-on device, and aren't concerned about a small 4mA average current consumption when the Ignition is switched off, consider our SL70VG which has a lower price point.

  • The SL90TG is a product that merely assists with locking and unlocking doors.

  • INSTALLATION NOTE!  The SL90TG was created to appease car dealers in Japan who do not wish to physically tap into vehicle CAN wires. CAN data is read by means of wrapping small copper sheets around each CAN wire. Please watch our  Installation Videos to better understand how this is done.

  • RELOCK Function: While the gear in the "D" (drive) position and when Unlocked by the Driver's door switch, doors will Relock immediately only if the vehicle speed is 20km/h (12.4mph) or higher. This makes it convenient to stop and pick-up passengers.  Note that if your car has SMART keyless, all doors will relock, but if your car has only a basic wireless key, then only the Driver's door will relock.

  • In some rare cases, brief noise may appear on your automotive TV. Such is caused by your vehicle's door lock motors, not by the SL90TG.

  • Even if the SL90TG is installed in your car, KIRAMEK is not liable for car accidents, thefts, road incidents, etc.

  • Manual Transmission (MT) vehicles are NOT SUPPORTED.

  • If Toyota changes the vehicle's ECU firmware without our knowledge, even if the vehicle model and year match the table above, it is possible, however rare, that the new firmware would be incompatible with the SL90TG.  Also, Toyota cars made outside Japan may have different ECU firmware incompatible with the SL90TG.

  • The SL90TG is fully compatible with 3rd party CAN devices like radar detectors, dashcams, etc.