DIGI∞LINK Technology


The prevalence of reliable and low cost microprocessor technology over the last decade has contributed to an impressive number of advances in automotive technology. Most vehicles built today now have dozens of microcontrollers onboard, regulating everything from the power windows to fuel economy. The downside to this digital technology is that aftermarket automotive electronics that rely on analog connections are often more difficult or even impossible to install. Seeking a faster, easier and more reliable way to install in modern cars, KIRAMEK engineered a solution by directly interfacing with the vehicle's body computer.


DIGI-LINK® is KIRAMEK's patented implementation of an advanced CAN bus interface. CAN stands for Controller Area Network, which is an internationally accepted ISO standard for networking of automotive electronics. The advantages of this bus are numerous, including vehicle weight reduction by elimination of unnecessary wiring. The bus is 2-way, so attached devices can both view what is happening in the car and send commands to control certain automotive functions. The following is a short list of the benefits our CAN technology offers:

  • Find out when doors open/close and when Ignition is switched on
  • Lock doors and/or flash Hazard lights on compatible cars (Japan Patent)
  • Time to install an aftermarket security system is greatly reduced
  • Reliability greatly increased (e.g., no analog signal drift over time)

Not all cars are compatible with our DIGI-LINK interfaces because certain signals on the CAN bus are required for our systems to operate properly. But as more car makers add a more complete set of CAN features to their new cars, we add those cars to our compatibility list. You can view that compatibility information in PDF form from our various product pages.