CAN-BUS Adapter


Price: ¥40,000 + tax
BARCODE: 4571114024351


  1. Car Navigation signals provided (vary by vehicle):

    • Vehicle Speed

    • Illumination

    • ACC

    • Reverse Gear

    • Parking Brake

  2. Car Security signals provided (see Compatibility):

    • Door Locked & Unlocked

    • Door Opened & Closed

    • Ignition ON

    • Hazards Flashing

    • Trunk Opened

    Car Functions controlled by a CAN-MX2 attached Security System (vary by vehicle):

    • Lock & Unlock Doors

    • Flash Hazard Lamps

    • Trunk Release

  3. Even if your vehicle is listed on our Compatibility charts, the CAN-MX2 may malfunction or not work at all if the vehicle manufacturer has made even a minor change to the vehicle (e.g., a change to the body computer data that does not alter the car's model number).

  4. CAN-MX2 will not function at all without the appropriate vehicle firmware programmed inside it.

  5. CAN-MX2 may or may not function properly on Japanese made outside Japan. We have not tested cars unavailable in Japan.

  6. Manual Transmission (MT) vehicles are NOT SUPPORTED.

  7. We don't guarantee CAN-MX2 is 100% compatible with all third party alarms, but we do guarantee it will function properly with our alarms.

  8. Hazard Flash control is not available on all cars, and the number of flashes varies by car model.

  9. We strongly recommend PosiTap connectors when connecting to the vehicle CAN wires. These connectors are easier than solder to get a proper and durable connection.